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    Default Shroud DC

    I have no problems playing this game. The only lag i encouter is when everyone else is. There is only one problem, and with only one quest, The Shroud.

    Whenever I run this quest I randomly get a client crashes that closes the game completely. This does not happen in any other quest. It usually happens from 1-3 times per run, and it has happened in every part. This problem didn't start occuring until after the most recent MOD.

    Is this a known issue? Are others having this problem? Why would it only be this quest and no other raids?

    Any help would be great.
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    location, location.


    I have a guildie with the same problem. He just bought a high-end PC about a month ago and has no issues anywhere but shroud. Shroud part 1 is unplayable and he clears up somewhere around when the rest of the party is halfway through part 2. We're gonna play around with some changes over the next few days, and if we find anything that helps, I'll post it here. If you find out anything, please do the same.
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