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    Default DDOcast Episode 98!

    [SIZE=3]Hi everyone! Episode 98 of DDOcast is now ready to go. Here's a LINK to the show - just left-click to play, right click and 'save as' to download as an mp3.

    This week's show features Ask the Devs #7 along with a great bit from Lessah, Clankenbeard and Alex! Lessah also has a chat with Morah and talks permadeath on "Know Your Role" and Rheebus has "Top Ten Reasons to try Permadeath" on "Rheebus' Top Ten"!

    Thanks so much for listening.


    Here's a LINK to more information about the character signatures.

    Here's a LINK to info about the Wizard Capstone: Master of Magic.

    Here's a LINK to info about Codemasters' plans for holiday service.

    Here's a LINK to the article about Turbine's job cuts.

    Here's a LINK to the results of the DDO-Europe Modeling Competition!

    Here's a LINK to Plinh's cool DDO artwork/illustrations.

    Here's a LINK to info about the Ironmen of Xendrik permadeath guild.

    Here's a LINK to Sephiroth1084's guide to using a gamepad in DDO.

    Just a note that there will not be a show next week because of the holidays! Sorry about that and I'll be back on January 3rd with episode 99!


    :14 Welcome
    :34 Ask The Devs 7
    24:33 Downtime Chat
    25:00 Character Signatures
    25:59 Capstone Talk - Master of Magic and Prestige Enhancement Talk
    27:50 DDO Europe Holiday Mail
    28:35 Job Cuts
    30:54 "Gnome Alone" - Thanks Lessah, Clankenbeard and Adam!
    32:18 Rheebus Top Ten - Top 10 Reasons to Start Permadeathing
    38:41 Know Your Role - Morah and Permadeath, ways to ruin
    44:54 DDO Europe Modeling Competition results!
    46:33 Plinh's Stormreach Illustrated
    47:25 Ironmen on Sarlona
    47:55 HolyAlliance Casting Call
    48:46 Using a gamepad for DDO
    49:17 Holiday note (no show next week!)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]Total Time: 50:41

    DDOcast - A weekly podcast about DDO!
    Characters: Sarlona: Mockduck (Cleric): Beefheart (Fighter): Mockduk (Ranger/Rogue): Monkduck (Monk): Veiovis (Fvs/Rog) Guild: Mockduck (Rogue) Cannith: Mockduck (Fvs/Rogue) Twitter Facebook

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    Yay! Ask the devs!!

    Thanks as always!
    [Founder/Leader of the Bloodlords of Argonnesen]
    [DaveyKhealerAcapellaParlospiGodithGearey Gygax]

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    Default Thanks?

    Thank you for the shout-out Rheebus.. I think.

    FOr the record... if you would STOP dying... you would stop repeating the begining game content .


    Ye aint nuthin til you've mastered the Permadeath!

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