Sorry to OP

Really big one, but because i cant open thread anywhere, not even on free player forums and can only reply to one here..

I really need advice about this toon, my first, only and hopefully - not so bad.

Ranger 8 / Barb 12 Tempest with tempest enhancement and 2 lvl spells + frenzied berserker II

Starting build would be Ranger Tempest one, so

str 16
dex 16
int 8
wis 10
char 8

With all feats needed for Tempest till lvl 6, dodge, mobility, spring attack.
2 more lvls of ranger for lvl2 spells only. cure light & barskin + const/str boost

then we go on barbarian, 12 lvls of him with all pre-reqs for frenzy berserker II line.

skillpoints in balance & use magic devices , il skip intimidate. dont think he would be good tank.
+ some other ones.

enhancements would be merely fightin ones, damage reduction, human, ranger & barbarian ability adds (dex,str & con) + maxed rage boosts.

weapons - kopeshes.

by char planer at final lvl il be around 300hp, 95spelpoints, 17 fort & 14 reflex saves.

no tomes, no equipment.
dont think i could get good equip anyway as this is my starting toon.

please and i mean please, give your opinion, itl be apreciated.

once more, op sorry man, this was emergency.


ps, have a question on armor, what should i use, light or medium.
kopeshes or axes ?