Dear DDO,

I'm not sure if the following is because of something new, as in worse, is going on my computer, or because of Mod8, perhaps, but recently, every time I quit DDO, a huge amount of steady hard drive activity (solid LED activity light), for maybe 2 or 3 minutes straight, is then being followed by a DDO 'crash' or GPF, you know, with the Microsoft little debug window popping up asking me to please tell them about this.

Actually the whole quit game process seems inordinately long, or longer then ever before.

Is there anything I can do about this, to fix it, and keep it from crashing? I already use Smart Defrag, Registry Mechanic, CCleaner, AdAware, SpyBot S&D etc. type software on a regular basis. I've been using and maintaining personal computers since 1979, so I'm not an amateur when it comes to this stuff.

Secondly, what is the situation or progress with the 'target deselect bug'? All of my characters continue to suffer from it, and it is costing them, and my party members, health, or our lives!

I select a monster target, with Backspace, which I've remapped to ALT-S, or cycle through them with select next nearest enemy target, in my case, ALT-3 (I like to be able to do nearly everything with one left hand), and then, depending on several circumstances, the selection of that monster is spontaneously terminated, even though it is still plenty alive, requiring me to take time to select it again, in the chaos of combat, when I should have been damaging or killing it instead.

What is the status on fixing this bug? I think this one is major, and might deserve higher priority.

I've noticed that sometimes a monster spontaneously deselects when it is damaged by another party member.

There might be some other conditions deselecting a target when it shouldn't be.

Thanks for your time,


DMJones aka Lava, Sun, mainly on Argo