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    Default Full Account Transfer from EU to US?

    Hi/Hello/Salutations/Merry Meet/Blessed Be and Yo!

    I am Damionic (Damion I Can)

    I've just perchased the US account and just came over from DDO euro (after being loyal since Beta), (Reasons below)

    1. A total lack of feedback regarding issues that date back over several months - namely bank items wiping and No reason)

    2. Waiting going on 3/4 weeks for Mods and updates that the US gets, I dont need to wait for translation as I Speak English!?

    3. Not being told anything regarding futer updates to the game from official moderators

    4. The overal lack of backbone from Euro forum posters (who dont want to make a fuss)

    I have read the post regarding Premiem Services being off line (and back soon) but Hopefully a Special case could be made as I wish a Full Account Transfere to my new US account.

    If anyone can help I'd be very grateful

    Your Faithfully

    I'm here because your not WISHING HARD ENOUGH!!

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    Unfortunately, transfers between the EU and US clients isn't a premium service that Turbine offers (even when they are running). At this time the EU and US servers are completely separate - requiring different clients. The accounts are managed by different companies with different billing systems, and we aren't able to transfer either way between the two systems. I have not heard anything about this particular service being offered, but if it ever was it would be announced on the website and forums, and listed with the other premium services.

    Sorry I don't have better news, but we're happy to have you with us.
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