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    Default Help with arcane scroll vendor location

    I spent an hour running around the harbor, the marketplace, and the four houses looking for a L2 scroll vendor. I must've found him once, but I can't seem to locate him again. I was told the Portable Hole, but I can't seem to find this either.
    I should mention I'm a returning player and this is my first caster (currently L11).
    Can someone please clue me in? Where is the portable hole?

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    You have to use the teleport spell to get to the Hole, try the Tavern down next to STK in the market.
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    Teleport spell gets you to the portable hole (last entry in the list IIRC)--all spell levels available here, just gotta run around and find them.

    Lvl 1-2 spell vendors are both in the rusty nail tavern in the marketplace, just remember that they are seperate vendors for lvl 1 and 2.

    Lvl 3, 6 and 7 are in the Hous P shop near the mailbox/favor guys

    Lvl 4-5 are in the House J shop (for some weird reason... I thought house J was the cleric house) where you get wands (next to redwillows quest).

    Lvl 8's you get from random chest drops and the auction house.

    Certain spells are unavailable from the shops, be sure to take those on leveling up.
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    Angry Don't listen to Lithic

    There's no scroll vendors in the Rusty Nail.

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    lol, didnt realise it was old thread.
    Dont go to the inn. Go in the marketplace square which is center of map.
    You found lvl 1 scroll vendor? He is standing right besides him. In marketplace square look a bit on left of lvl 1 arcane scroll vendor.

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