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    Cool Well figured ill throw in some of mine aswell ..

    Will post a "before" - "After" set ...

    Here is Chris before DDO :

    And here after DDO getting ready to take my sister for a ride on the bike ...

    L8rs folks ..
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    Default Aw *** I haven't necro'd anything in years

    Results of No Shave November. I decided to keep it.

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    Thelanis has some good lookin' peeps! And a broad area of game players, no wonder it seems like someone is always online
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    Default hey. this is karmadawn pally. new to this game but played nwn yrs ago before WoW came

    well this is like 8 yrs old. now I just shave my head alot now with a small beard, have eyebrow pierced and 14 tats. love rock n metal mostly. I'm a nice guy but I get shortfused at times in defense. have 3 kids. I play sports too. I don't look that much different than then.

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    Since I play now on Thelanis here pictures of myself.
    The sunglasses for some privacy... I like the dark and extravagant style.
    Before anyone is confused I´am a native Asian guy, so I'm a bit delicate/smaller thats all. (I live since several years in Germany so i can also speak german: Hallo alle miteinander-hello everyone.. but I still visiting Japan)

    with my dog in the snow
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