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Thread: Guild hunting

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    Default Guild hunting

    A casual guild with good people wanted. Have few good toons to bring in that would benefit the guild. I play frequently, serious when needed and fun all other times. If theres a guild out there similar in Thelanis hit me up.

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    Default Good guild search.....

    I suggest Bane. Might be a good fit.

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    Feel free to look us up over at Attacks the Darkness.
    Old school Tharashk player since '06

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    Still looking

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    Default Looking

    Quote Originally Posted by Thame View Post
    Still looking
    Well, here's hoping you are considering the 2 guilds posted above.

    Both of those guilds have many quality players and are pretty chillaxed.

    For them to potentially consider adding you to their ranks should be an honor.

    Most of the top guilds won't even consider someone until they have proven themselves and have a high rep.

    You would be very fortunate if Bane or Attacks the Darkness considers you.

    If you are looking for not so high a caliber guild, look at the top of this page and you can see all the guilds listed to learn more about them and then open up your "WHO" tab and see their people on and send tells to find their leader or officers.

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    Default Umber Hulks

    I AM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Welcome to Thelanis, Thame! I am 19037. Umber Hulks is a Casual, friendly guild. We can be serious when we need to be, but we're more about the friends and comradery. Some nights we'll chase someone's favor. Some nights we'll raid. Some nights we'll play low lvl characters. Some nights high. Some nights we role-play. Some nights we just sit and complain to each other about how much we hate work or school. We're always looking to meet new friends. No matter where ya go, don't forget to look us up if you want to quest or just interact with good people. You are cordially invited to look my chars or any of the Umber Hulks up, and send us a tell. If you come and you don't like the scenery, no drama, we'll even help you find a better home than ours. There are some great guilds out there. Bane is a great guild with a lot of really awesome people. Exploration Society is really good. Infamous Flaming Vagabonds are awesome folks. I really like the people in Stormforce. Attacks the Darkness are a good one. The list of good guilds with good people is rather long. I don't know what the recruiting rules are for any of those guilds, but if you're friendly you'll find a good home almost anywhere. Good luck, and hope to quest with you soon.

    I am 19037, and that's what I think.
    I AM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1GUILD LEADER OF THE UMBER HULKS

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    Check out and see if Inferus Sus is a good fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davinna View Post
    Check out and see if Inferus Sus is a good fit.
    Inferus Sus is, in my honest opinion, the top guild on Thelanis. Great group, no BS, and above all, no ****-poor or "elitist" attitudes.

    I ran with them for a while when I rolled a new toon and they fit right into what I was looking for: wonderful group of people who know their way around DDO and knew how to lvl a toon, and fast

    I moved that toon out because I thought my former guild was becoming more and more active, as well as recruiting new players, but they never followed through on that notion.

    Therefore, myself, along with a few other former guild mates from that guild (House of Elders) left to form a new guild, Ashes of the Phoenix.

    I would highly recommend Inferus Sus if they fit your play style.

    Otherwise, Ashes of the Phoenix would be honored to have you, along with any new members

    I'm Back!
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    Great guilds all...

    I would Also reccomend Acme Fighting Company.

    Look for...

    Bekki, Berigon, Melima Lindor, Zinnadove, Zafiroelees,
    Smoking Guns, Deekin, Percival, or any other Acme Member...
    they will get word to any of the Above...

    We are a smaller guild, with fun loving people, and no Drama...

    We are on most nights, with Wednesday and Weekends being our biggest nights...

    Monday is the Lightest night...

    We know our way around DDO but
    also don't have the "Leetist" attitude.
    we just out to have fun...

    Give us a Shout and you can run with us
    and if you are happy with our play style.. (Or Lack of...)

    We would welcome you Gladly.

    But that being said, Any of the Guilds mentioned above are first class.

    I have had the Pleasure of running with folks from most of them...
    and I mean that, they were nice enough to put up with me...

    But all kidding aside...

    They are all full of Great players, and would be Glad to have you...

    Best of luck.

    Official Muskateers Bartender
    Proud Officer of Acme Fighting Co.
    "It's a dangerous business, going out of your door, Frodo my boy." He used to say. "You step into the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no telling where you might be swept off to." ~ Frodo Baggins (Quoting Bilbo Baggins)

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    Default guild

    check out Occams Razor..we aren't always the most serious of players, but we can be when needed, but one thing is for sure, we always have a blast....look any of us alts are listed in my signature...

    Officer of Occam's Razor

    Alts: Erna (Lvl 16 Wiz), Sarahantha (Lvl 9 Barb), Stefanie (Lvl 6 Wiz)

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