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    Default Collectable Bag Suggestion

    This one's caught me a few times..

    Sometimes Collectable Bags get full and you start overflowing into your inventory, taking up valuable loot space. Sometimes this happens in the middle of a quest.

    So you quickly open the bag and flick through it looking for things you don't need, so you can delete them and make room for other things. You find a stack of Whitecaps that's been sitting in there since the harbour. You click on that and the selection background colour appears on it.

    You hit delete. You proceed to kick yourself repeatedly, as you have now just deleted the bag, and everything in it, instead of just the ingredient you selected.

    I know, I'm an idiot. But really, it would be much more logical for the collectable to be deleted, rather than the bag.

    Fix? Pretty please? With cherries on top? =D

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    Still stings, does it?
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    Um.. Lock your Bag?

    (ANd you should be able to get it back in the "Buyback" tab at vendors)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Impaqt View Post
    (ANd you should be able to get it back in the "Buyback" tab at vendors)
    You can buy back items you've deleted? (Or did you mis-read the OP?)

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