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    Default Barbarian Tempest Build

    I have been playing with this Idea and now have a level capped toon with this build, but I'm going to put this down as a discussion more than a recipe to the character due to everyone has different styles of play. Deliverance is a 32 p Dwarven lvl 4 FTR, 6 Ranger, and 6 Barbarian 449 Hp, rages at a 38 str (barbarian rage and a pot) and with power attack enabled can crit with a +4 transmuting dwarven axe and a bloodstone at 140 appx. (you may think this isn't much, but when you are a tempest barbarian hitting stuff as quick as they do, a lot of damge is done very quickly) I put his initial str 18, Dex 17, 16 con 8 Wis. I used a Plus one Wis tome to increase his wis to a 9 and now flop out wis items to cast buffs.

    The first 4 levels of fighter I took dodge and mobility, I then took spring attack as soon as I could as well as two weapon fighting and oversized two weapon fighting. I took improved two weapon fighting later as well, but that will come automatic at level 6 ranger. So what I did is refeated and took toughness before I leveled to level 6 ranger. The other feats I took was all oriented to slashing weapons. When it becomes available ensure you take greater two weapon fighting as a feat. I would refrain from taking Power Critical for I believe when the level cap goes up you can get it then.

    Enhancements you will have to play with a bit. Due to the levels of each class will change, your enhancements will need to be reset. Ranger Tempest 1 will be the main ranger enhancement you will look for, I also took mental toughness for a little extra mana as well. When you get high enough level Barbarian you will need to take away fighter toughness enhancements and take barbarian toughness due to leveling reasons. Once I started leveling as a barbarian the remainder enhancement points went toward barbarian rages (I stayed away from barbarian will save due to you need as much into extra rage/time/con/str).

    You will enjoy that this build has a reflex save, It has come in handy with survivng traps and also certain spells that you can avoid. Of course with every toon it is important to have tools of the trade and its kind of hard to win the hearts and minds of your guildies with a build when you have no toys for him. With this toon I have Jorgundels collar( +10 percent melee speed), Dwarven axes of all types, and a ring that falls in the hound called the tumbleweed. That will give you a +6 dex, +10 tumble and +2 to hit. This comes in handy, not only does it help your reflex save it will help you with tumble and that is just plain old fun. If you wish for me to map it out and explain into detail on how this was made I will. But this was purely me bored at work typing off the top of my head ).

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    If you were to redo this char, I would recommend Str 18, dex 16, Con 14, int 13. Go fighter 6 barb 6 ranger 6(then last 2 whatever you want). The int will cover combat expertise in case that is a areq for kensai. You will then have a Tempest/Kensai, Barbarian

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    can u have power attack and combat expertise on at the same time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patience View Post
    gamblerjoe is right

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamblerjoe View Post
    can u have power attack and combat expertise on at the same time?
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