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    Quote Originally Posted by The10man View Post
    To Meridia!! and all places on lists from GT and Teleport. Please!!!
    /signed Pretty please!

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    Exclamation My suggestions

    First Tolero, please fix the spell lines.

    From the way i see it fire lineages and cold (to some extent) have more spells and are more atractive for players than the eletric (that has some interesting spells, but no high end), acid and FORCE (this one goes only for missiles and repair spells). So Tolero, i'd like to see more spells implemented for all linneages, to make viable real specializations. Just add the same number of spells that fire has in the same level range and we will have more caster flavor.

    That said, i'd like to see:

    - Wall Spells (Prismatic, Ice, Force, Stone, Spikes, etc);
    - Color and Prismatic Spray;
    - Wail of the Banshee;
    - Limited Wish (It's more viable than Wish, think in a list of options like Greater Teleport);
    - AND PLEASE, make more EXCLUSIVE or UNIQUE spells for Bards, Rangers, Paladins.
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    From the Player's Handbook II

    Invest Light Protection (Cleric 1): Heals 1d4+1/2 levels, grant DR1/evil.

    Animalistic Power (Cleric 2, Wiz/Sorc 2, Ranger 2): Subjet gains +2 enhancement bonus to Str, Dex, and Con.

    Mark of Judgment (Cleric 2): Creatures that attack subject heal 2 points of damage each successful hit.

    Stay the Hand (Cleric 2): Change subject creature's attitude to helpful for one round. DDO version: Remove all hate you have generated from the target.

    Curse of Arrow Attraction (Ranger 3): Enemy takes a -5 penalty to AC vs. ranged attacks.

    Energy Vulnerability (Cleric 3, Wiz/Sorc 3): Subject gains vulnerability to the specified energy type.

    Hunter's Eye (Ranger 3): Gain 1d6 sneak attack damage per 3 caster levels for 1 round.

    Invest Moderate Protection (Cleric 3): Heals 3d4 damage + 1/2 levels, grant DR 3/evil.

    Regroup (Wiz/Sorc 3): Teleports allies to your side (would have the usual teleport dialogue of "Do you accept this teleport?" to prevent griefing).

    Blessing of the Righteous (Cleric 4, Paladin 4): Weapons deal +1d6 holy damage and become good-aligned.

    Condemnation (Cleric 5, Wiz/Sorc 4): Lowers subject outsider's SR and stuns for 1 round.

    Invest Heavy Protection (Cleric 5): Heal 5d4 + 1/2 levels, grant DR 5/evil.

    Chasing Perfection (Cleric 6, Wiz/Sorc 6): Subject gains +4 enhancement to all abilities.

    Righteous Burst (Cleric 7): Allies healed, enemies damaged 1d8+1/level.

    Detonate (Wiz/Sorc 9): Slays subject and creates 20-ft-radius explosion that deals 1d6 damage/level.

    Also, while it doesn't look like we're going to get Artificers in the foreseeable future, a lot of Artificer infusions seem to be good candidates for being reworked into Wiz/Sorc spells.

    From the Eberron Campaign Setting:

    Suppress Requirement (Level 3): Item that requires class feature, race, ability score, or alignment to function no longer carries that requirement for the spell's duration.

    From Magic of Eberron:

    Adamantine Weapon (Level 3): Transform weapon into adamantine for the spells duration (Would be nice to see this also allow the weapon to be changed into silver, iron, flametouched iron, or byeshk)

    From Races of Eberron:

    Humanoid Essence, Lesser (Level 3, Artificer and Cleric): For the duration of the spell, a warforged gains the full benefit of spells from the healing subschool.

    True Seeing, Mass (Cleric Level 9)
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    bigsby hand series anyone?

    maybe mefstils? acid breath and acid sheath.....from nwn.....

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    Time stop....
    Patiently waiting....
    That is all..
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    Regarding spells-

    All spells that have some hit point, or hit die limitation need to be scaled for usefulness and duration.

    Sleep, Deep Slumber, Undeath to Death (or visa versa), Death Spell, etc. need to be scaled higher to be effective at all.

    1st choice- Levitate. It gives vert. movement that will be occasonally useful without being entirely exploitive. There are a few places that it would let you get past (titan) and others where it would make you a sitting duck (Coal chamber), and a few places that would become less annoying (The Pit...well, parts of it), but it would not be exploited like flying.

    2nd choice- Wall of Ice. A barrier that does minor damage, fades over time, can be broken though.

    3rd choice- Wall of Stone or Iron. One lasts longer, one is harder to break down. Works like a summoned creature, so you can't have more than one (to reduce over use)

    4th choice - Mass Resists. Time is the issue here. This should be done for fun factor at the very least.

    5th choice - Mass Protects- see Mass Resists

    6th choice - Permanent. Choose one spell, only, that will remain on the target untill dispelled. Players must hit "agree", and get a new feat "dispell permanent" that they can hot bar (at first level). Special component- 10k gold in gems x spell level (10k to 90k) that could be crafted at an alter.

    7th choice - Protection from Normal Missles

    8th choice - TK. Move someone like the beholder spell.

    Now Diving in Lava, with the Lava Divers.

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    You should look at the current spells and fix the ones that don't work. Specifically the ones that land behind moving targets. Here's an example; Hypnotism works perfectly. It allways lands (sometimes the mob saves or is immune) on the creature targeted. Sleep, Bane, Slow and others land where the mob was (at the beggining of the casting animation?). As most players have never seen the broken spells used, fixing the broken spells would be just like adding new ones and less work.
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    Man It sells like fish, ohh wait fishing capital of us...that explains it.


    (lesser) Orb of (Insert element here). complete arcane
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    Ranger level 1:
    Claws of the bear - your hands become weapons that deal 1d8 damage.
    Enrage Animal - animal rages like a barbarian
    Healing lorecall - if you have 5 or more ranks in heal you can remove harmful conditions with healing spells
    Surefoot - +10 bonus on balance, jump, and tumble checks
    Towering Oak - +10 bonus to intimidate checks
    Align Fang - Natural weapons become good, evil, lawful or chaotic
    Ranger level 2:
    Curse of Impending Blades - Subject takes -2 penalty to AC
    Fell the greatest foe - Deal extra damage to creatures larger then you
    Natures Favor - animal touched gains luck bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls of +1/3 levels.
    Ranger level 3:
    Align fang mass - Allies natural weapons become good, evil, lawful or chaotic
    Curse of Impending Blades Mass - enemies take -2 penalty to AC
    Forestfold - you gain +10 competence bonus on hide and move silently in one type of terrain
    Heal animal companion (heal animal until we get animal companions) - as heal on your animal companion
    Ranger Level 4:
    Foe bane - your weapon becomes +5 and deals 2d6 damage against a favored enemy

    Just a start from a crazy spell casting ranger.
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    I mostly play a cleric, so I will stick to that for now. I'll try to list the spells and what it will bring to the game.

    First though, spells that need changing.

    Flame Strike, Fire Storm: These spells are higher level than their wizard/sorcerer counterparts, but the casting time and time from animation start to the damage is way too long.

    Word of Recall: 1 location? Really? Why not our bind point at LEAST?

    Symbol of [Whatever]: Can we get these on SEPARATE and REASONABLE timers?

    Freedom of Movement: Doesn't work when water is involved. It should allow fighting in water even.

    Break Enchantment: It should dispel Greater Command

    Summon Monster: Should have the option for multiple weaker creatures now that the issues with too many pets are not a problem for the AI.

    Now for the new ones.
    Hide from Undead: Clerics should be more effective vs undead. This will help to bypass some of them.

    Sanctuary: Essential for moving around the battlefield tending to the wounded instead of running. Essentially is an automatic diplomacy use until broken (like invisibility).

    Deflect Arrows: Same reason as above. Like blur with 20% miss chance from ranged attacks. Stacks with concealment.

    Make Whole: Item repairs with standard cost. Prevents people from having to leave and re-enter to repair items, but keeps the cost. Could be combined with Mending as a standard repair, and Make Whole as an exceptional repair.

    Shield Other: Makes Mass Cure spells more effective since the damage is split, and lowers over-all DPS.

    Water Walk: Iconic and useful for reducing travel time and accessing areas that might otherwise not be accessible.

    Air Walk: It's about time that we flew in more than the Stormreaver's lair. The tech is there. (change the animation)

    Repel Vermin: Spiders are difficult to deal with without direct damage right now. It would be nice to have options.

    Spell Immunity: Should allow spells that are not blocked by SR in DDO but are in PnP.

    Wall of Stone: Allows for some great strategic opportunities.

    Repulsion: It's too easy to get squashed (clerics this is) by the big bulky dumb monsters. This will at least keep them at bay.

    Dimension Lock: Will prevent devils and demons from popping around, and help clear some lag.

    It's a start, but Heroes is on. More later.
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    Wall of Wind.

    Plus any and all of the Druid spells
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    Mirror Image
    Blink - Payback for all the phasing/Teleporting creatures we chase down
    Weird (Mass PK)
    Time Stop - I would think this would work like a mass hold monster but would also affect traps.
    Heal, Mass
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    I could name a lot of spells that should be there but just aren't. I'll refrain to a relatively small and easily dealt-with sample, though.

    Mantle and Improved Mantle: These spells should really be in-game. Wizards and sorcerers should be given their fair share of protective spells, and right now just about none of the good protective spells exist in-game. These shouldn't be hard to balance either--give certain monsters greater enhancement bonuses on their weapons and give others enhancement bonuses that can be blocked by these spells.

    Greater Stoneskin and Premonition: These are the same deal as the whole thing with the mantles. Give us our higher-level defensive spells! These are exactly the same as stoneskin, just with a higher damage absorption per swing. They even have the same 150-point total limit, so they really don't stop any more damage than stoneskin, they just do it in bigger chunks. (20 per swing for greater, 30 for premonition).

    Fly: The benefits far outweigh the problems with this spell. It's too fun to not implement. If it works like the SR fly, all you need is a few monsters with good ranged attacks that can still do something to people they can't melee. Heck, that would make the monk's deflect arrows feat more useful too!

    Prismatic Spray/Wall/etc: You don't have to make different parts of this do different things. Another option is to just send out a spray of random colors (like a hypno pattern) and have a roll for which effects hit each monster in the area. This would be a really awesome spell all around.
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    Default Easy to Implement

    'Mass' versions of many buffs:

    Mass resist energy
    Mass FOM
    Mass deathward
    Mass stoneskin
    Mass heroism

    Wouldn't present any real game balance issues either, just save us some headaches when buffing an entire crew.

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    Temporal Stasis / Imprisonment ....

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    Default Scaled versions of attribute buffs

    Also easy to implement, but may present game balance issues:

    Roc Str +6
    Dex +6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paragon View Post
    Fly: The benefits far outweigh the problems with this spell.
    Quoted for hilarity.

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    Mass Heal - increased cooldown time (for balance reasons), as Heal, affects all allies and undead foes within a Haste radius, not capped at caster level 15
    Summon Monster 9: Summons a Ghaele Eladrin to fight for you for nine minutes, or until slaughtered by the first Orthon it meets
    Wail of the Banshee: Haste radius mass death spell, centred on caster, Fort negates
    Shapechange: Caster becomes an iron golem or a barbazu for one minute (the caster chooses which)
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    it's already been said, but; please fix existing spells!!!!!! The symbol series springs to mind!

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    Not new, but adjust ALL of the HP based spells. I know some are already higher than the PHB, but they need a much higher limit to account for the relative high HP of monsters. That would be like adding new spells. Power word blind, Power word stun, symbol of death, etc. Nobody takes these and it is a shame, since they are supposed to be powerful.

    Increase the HP and To-Hit of summons to be closer to monsters. This is more important at higher levels. Level 5, 6, 7, and 8 could use a boost - similar to the crafted earth-earth summons.

    Add charm monster mass (back in).

    Add a necromancy like spell (drain HP, add % of drained HP to caster).

    Remove the component requirement for trap the soul, lower the khyber cost, or sell ingredients at vendors for a reasonable price. If need be, split the spell into 2 versions: one uses cheaper ingredients but is not high enough quality for crafting, the other is as currently implemented.

    And finally, add greater and superior potency VIII and IX items. This will also be like adding new spells to the game (that already exist but are under utilized).
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