With the election for Mayor of Stormreach fast approaching, a completely unbiased website has been created by the Coinlords to inform the Stormreach populace about the candidates:

Learn about these candidates at: www.MayorOfStormreach.com

Clanky fully supports Harbormaster Zin (oh yeah, and the Coinlords do too), but don't let that sway your vote! Read the candidates' platforms. Listen to their propaganda. Get ready to choose your new leader in these dark times!

Listen to the Jerry King Live interview HERE with Jerry King, Zin, Skrapps, and Winfred Wafford on the DDoCast. There are even rumblings that Fred the Mind Flayer may throw his tentacle into the ring.

Got a candidate for Mayor that (you think) can lead us boldly into the future (better than Zin)? I'm skeptical. Post it here.