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    I tried linking to the new thread but it wasn't there. So posting here to see what happens.

    I am not a newer player. But I still have a lot to learn. I feel like I am always the slowest and the worst of any group I am in.

    I usually am on Thursday, Friday, and Sat eve after 10 pm Central US Time. I usually just play with whatever groups I can find or run solo. But it would be great if I could tag along with some one specifically who is willing to help me.

    I have to avis:

    Ahrendue Ereuvyn is a Level 10 Ranger.

    Varnaelberet is a Level 7 Cleric.

    I'm slowly learning about spells and feats.

    Please send me an in game mail message or PM me if you see me online. Thank you for your consideration!

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    Default Re: Mentor Program

    Quote Originally Posted by Clay View Post
    Well then sign up and / or get some fellow Sarlonians to sign up.

    The fact that it directs people there helps people see it.

    I know there are helpful people on Sarlona, and that there are other ways to reach out to people but if we can get a little more support in the main thread then momentum can build.

    The simple stickie does not detract from your forum experience does it? I do apologize if the efforts to reach out to new people would in any way affect forum goers experience in a negative way.
    I love to help. I've only been playing for 3 years ish but i can offer info on game dynamics, a few of the classes, and most of the heroic quests. I like taking new players thru quests at a pace that suits them. I'm happy to turn over any and all chest loot during a quest. If it's an epic returning to the game that's fine too. Also, I'm a high level cannith crafter, so if anyone needs info about that, feel free to ask

    Raklepto (r.a.klepto lol)

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    Default I want free stuff

    Give me free stuff

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    Anyone on Sarlona willing to show a couple of returning players the ropes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadDoc View Post
    Anyone on Sarlona willing to show a couple of returning players the ropes?
    I sent you a PM.

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