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    Default New & Returning Player Mentor Program


    This thread has been adopted by Clay and will continue on in another thread. Please go to the link below:

    Thanks everyone
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    i love helping pple out when they are whiling to listen, i have only been playin 5 months,but im sure i can be some help send me a pm or a tell....
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    Default Nice idea

    I have been helping out new players whenever I meet them. Giving out RR Paralysers, smiters and vorpals for free.

    1. Because I like to help.
    2. Because there is an abundance of good items out there, more than 1 person needs.

    I have traded some things to ppl, but only because my good loot pulls are few and far between. But just giving uber/high end stuff away for free is crazy and ludicrous.....if they weren't already taken, Id probably have named my toons that.

    I am taking a month off from the game, but when I return I am happy to aid any new players in quests/information and items/money.

    I might not have alot of cash, or a great deal of high end stuff compared to some, but helping someone out is as good, if not better than that uber loot pull.......IMO anyway.

    Good hunting to you all, and good looting.
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    Default I would be willing to help

    I am by no means an expert at the game. I don't have bank toons filled with crazy gear. But I would certainly be willing to help out some new players.

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    Thumbs up awesome

    Recently Ive decided to return to ddo after more than a year of not playing..and its great to see something like this being put together. Don't flame the them! Grats on this guys. I might be consulting you on the new updates in the near future.

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    Anyone know what happens to your toons and gear and stuff, if you were a previous paying player that will be returning but as a free player?
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    Returning after being gone for a long time, I am interested in the changes that have happened since level cap was 16. I am on Sarlona at various times, when I can.

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    I'm always willing to help when I'm online. I have about 3 years of playing experiences. If you can find a Zepp or Brimes by searching 20 or over it's most likely me.

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    Smile Hello...ello...ello...

    Is there anybody out there?

    Thought I'd drop a line and see if any old friends are still hanging around Stormreach. Looking to get back into game and interested in re-learning the ropes. It would seem there have been a couple of changes since I last played (big surprise).
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    I am always willing to halps and do groups. So if anyone is on during pacific times (-8gmt), look seikojin or toy up. I have a wide range of alts across all levels, but I will have to get the name list loaded sometime since myddo is gone.

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    Default Willing to help

    As this thread seems to be active again if anyone needs help or advice on Sarlona you can reach me on my toons as l will be on Akajin or Skillmonkeyi and for any other world or just general ddo advice you can mail me through the forums or find me on Sarlona if you want as l am on often enough and l have done alot of different builds, both pure and mixed, through my 3 years in ddo so feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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    Currently pursuing my lives on Skillmonkeyi(Currently 8th life) and going for Triple/True Completionist but l am always happy to help if you need it as l am also a capped crafter

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