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    Welcome Back,

    Sent a private message few days ago. Feel free to contact me in game, Hegenome/Feelgooddr/Humuhumu of Helter Skelter, Gland. The guild will provide as much assistance as possible in getting you back up to speed.

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    Default Returning Player

    Last time I played was like in 2009-2010. I cant believe this game is still going after all this time. I had a premium account and was able to locate my characters on Sarlona. I do not plan on putting any money into it at this time so I am keeping it on the free!

    So I have returned and immediately I was frozen at character creation. I recalled what I loved and hated instantly. I love the depth of and focus on character creation. I hate that I lack the knowledge to create a good character. I remember wasting much time on a terrible build when I had first started so long ago.

    I decided on Ghallanda. Instead of playing my characters on Sarlona and risk messing something up, figured i'd get re-lurnt here. So I am looking for a mentor to teach me how to build a character primarily, among other things. I found some similar builds on the forums to what I have in mind but I have a free account. I really am not interested in playing unless I have a planned build path. I recall how important that was.

    Please let me know if anyone out there has the time or patience to tolerate lots of questions and n00bness.

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    Both Legendary Warriors of Ghallanda and Tyr's Paladium are very noob friendly, and both also have some very knowledgeable and patient people as well.

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    Default 47 yr old returning player looking for helpful guild

    I'm on this server and have numerous characters from 4 to 20 so able to do lots of new quests I've not done yet I'm sure. It's been about 5 years so need a refresher on old things & help on new. Please let me know if you can assist. Thanks.

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