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    Default New & Returning Player Mentor Program


    This thread has been adopted by Clay and will continue on in another thread. Please go to the link below:

    Thanks everyone
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    I like this idea, man. I liked Ren66, and I'm glad you're taking it up. Thanks.
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    I thought the first server alphabetically listed was designated for new players and Mabar server was merged to mentor it ;p

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    Default Ghallanda Server Mentor

    I would not mind helping out. I am one that enjoys just about all aspects of the game. Graphics, traps, looking at the monsters, doing the optionals, picking up all the collectibles, picking up the bronze tokens in the desert, and learning the quests and other pointless things. Stuff like that.

    I even have equipment for low levels to give out in some cases.

    I do not care how quickly I level as long as I am relaxing and enjoying myself while playing.

    Just send me a message here.
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    I would like to help as well.

    Out of work, not much else better to do.

    Mind you, I am an electrician foreman in real life (when working) so I am real vulgar and can be short fused - especially if someone has a listening problem. No kids - period, I play with mine when they come on and is not someone's responsibility to raise them in the game.

    Basically if someone has soft skin and cannot take some profanity - best not team us up.
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    Default ghallanda - returning player

    Can anyone help... I'm loading my game and I have not been on in 1.5 years... I have a 12 pali

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    Default Count me in

    I love helping new players out. Preferably a martial character please.

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    I am sure within 6 months time that anyone who is leaving the game to go play another game or do w/e will come back... they may need to read this thread then .. =]

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    Default New Player

    I've been with DDO for about 2 months. I am on my 5th char already...just exploring what the game can do.

    I can't wait till i roll a char that is 'me'

    Anyway, working on a Wizard/Rogue right now. Plans are to take it to 17/3, Currently only 2/1.

    The names is Wyspr if your looking on the server for me (6am-8am, and 4pm-6pm M-F and all hours night and day on weekends). I could definitely use any pointers you guys have.

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    Woot Ghallanda Rocks!

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    Default Mentorship?!

    Why?Is DDO hard or something?Wait do you mean give newbies stuff they might need?Ya I agree with that.Other than that I can't see why anyone would need mentorship for this game,it pretty much plays itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iconiclastic View Post
    Why?Is DDO hard or something?Wait do you mean give newbies stuff they might need?Ya I agree with that.Other than that I can't see why anyone would need mentorship for this game,it pretty much plays itself.
    Because you instantly knew everything about this game as soon as you installed it right?

    Second of all, impressive necro.

    believe it or not, this game actually has a fairly steep learning curve if they hope to be able to contribute to an average PUG instead of hinder it, or be able to take on a role in a raid.

    It is second hand nature to people like us who joined in 2006, but everyone starts out at the same playing field.
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    Cool 6 months with no reply...

    Ok, ok, yeah it's been a while. But, looking to get back into the swing of things. Just looking to see who's still around and who dropped off the edge of the prime material plane. Not really sure which server I will land on permanently ... been gone so long I'm probably gonna start from scratch

    If any old guildmates or friends are still around, drop a line - always good to have a friend to talk to or run with.
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    Talking Hello : )

    Always looking for nice peeps/friends - a mentor would be fantastic (this does not mean give me items, coinage, etc.).

    I'm Mountain Time and play in the morning, and sometimes late evening - always on the weekends.


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    If anyone new needs a hand, our guild Tyrs Paladium is a great place to learn DDO the right way. No egos, no attitudes, just fun, game knowledge, and old school D&D values here. As we are an American guild, with a very loyal international contingent that's an active part of our guild, we enthusiastically accept those from all countries.

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