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    I think they might have stopped disintegrate from working. I tried that last night. Targeted the pillar right in front of me and tried to zap it. My ray shot off all strange up into the ceiling without doing any damage on the pillar. I tried it twice getting the same results so did not try other angles. If this works I may be able to drop them fast... I have been known to prep the pillars in VON while I grab agro... ...with my wizard...

    Anyone verify this works this week?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelus_dead View Post
    Ha ha, what?

    Are you joking? Melee against the Titan is just fine.

    My pure sorcerer has the Shining Cresents and can beat down the Titan's shield in melee.
    Ah, and the troll shows his ugly face. We know you are better than all the rest of us. /bows

    I'm just trying to give advice in general. It's a bit safer for the rest of us non-God people to do it from a distance. And to get the Shining Crescents means you had to have completed the Titan already... which the people in this group may have not done yet and may even still be lvl10s for all we know. A smash or two from his claw can be deadly for most, especially lvl8-10 drow sorcs with low con (like back in the early days).

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