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    Default 3.5 D&D PnP Books For Sale

    Couldn't find anything that stated I could not throw this up here, so here goes. I have a number of 3.5 pen and paper books remaining that I am selling off. I made the transition to 4th ed, but understand that some just are not interested in that. Everything on the list except the leath bound books are at $7 a book, while the leather bound are $25 a book. Each book is in Mint / Near Mint condition. I have been doing this all through PayPal so far, and the purchaser pays the shipping (UPS ground so its the cheepest rate I can get.)

    Interested parties can responde in thread, but PM only for confirmation of order and mailing information. The books available are as follows:

    - Leather Bound Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, and Monsters Manual I.

    - Lords of Madness

    - Magic of Incarnum

    - Complete Arcane, Magic, and Psion

    - Book of Vile Darkness, Exalted Good, and Erotic Fantasy

    - Races of Eberron, Destiny, Dragon, Stone, and Wild

    - Heroes of Battle and of Horror

    - Savage Species

    - Planar Handbook

    - Cityscape

    - Dungeonscape

    - Unearthed Arcana

    - Dragonlance Campaign Setting

    - Age of Mortals

    - War of the Lance

    - (Original) Bestiary of Krynn (They revised it eventually)

    - Holy Order of the Stars

    - Towers of High Sorcery

    - Pathfinder Volumes I, II, and III

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    hmmm 4 year old thread...probably not much luck in getting an update on your available books, but here goes nothing

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