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    Default green steel bastard sword for end game

    I have an old bastard sword using pure-fighter which has a very extensive collection of bastard swords (it was one of the earlier alts i created). I had been minimally playing this alt for the last year and a half, but have finally reached 15th lvl and realized that maybe i could actually run some shrouds, maybe do a bit of intimidating in hound... The build is an old fashioned sword and board intimidator with part time 2HF use... at some point i may respec to TWF.

    So i don't really want to respec for kopesh due to the raft of bastard swords i have (please refrain from gimp/noob comments... unless you can make them funny), and i have been trying to rationalize making a green steel bastard sword (or two). Here is my rational:

    1) at 30 str (up to 36 buffed) im not getting as huge of a bonus from the extra kopesh crit multiplier
    2) with more red names having DR/Fortification a 2d8 bastard sword actually might outperform a GS kopesh (also on some crit immune species)

    I haven't really been paying attention to what the DR and fortification types/rates are on the various bosses, but I anticipate that there will be more bosses (or maybe even regular mobs) with fortification as new mod's come out. If this is true, than the bastard sword will become less of a "gimped" weapon.

    I am looking for any thoughts/insight/experience on this weapon?

    Also could someone post a screenshot of a grensteel bastard sword? if it looks cool, i might feel better about making one
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