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    Default Off-hand greensteel abilities?

    What are good abilities for an off-hand greensteel weapon? For the dwarf Tempest fighter I'm working on I was looking at Acid/Good/Acid for his primary axe, but wasn't sure what to go with for his off-hand one. A big concern for me is to not give it any damage type that would make me have to switch weapons for some quests. I know fire and lightning are worse than not attacking against some mobs, are acid and ice ever a bad idea? I am leaning towards Ooze, what are some other good options? Also, for the base abilities, should off-hand weapons be bonus damagex3 or is it "acceptable" to give it insight or ability boosts?

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    There are tons of useful things you can make. You can go for damage (e.g. a shock/good burst lightning II). Taking +4 insight AC can be nice if your AC is high enough with TWF. Other potentially useful effects are healing amp, earthgrab, air guard, mineral II (for DR mob), radiance, freezing ice, elemental absorption, a stat bonus if you can benefit from it.. you can do so many different good weapons it's really hard to choose and there is probably not one universal "best"

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