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    Default PUGalicious....

    I should know better by now, but with my erratic play schedule, I take what I can get.

    Well logged on with my WF Barbarian early sat morning, I did some selling, traded a few collectables, and generally kept my eye on the social panel. A few guildies were on with some of their lowbies,but nothing for me, I was just about to log off when a flag came up for HIPS. A ha I need that, to get titan ready, so I send a tell..."WF barb lvl 12 do you want me?" notice my wording and description I try to be polite and let folks know that I'm warforged. I get a tell back "whats a WF?". I chuckle and reply Warforged. A few minutes go by and nothing happens. So i send another tell "do you want me?" reply is "Sure" a few more minutes and no invite HMMMMM. Well nothing else going on so i self invite and am immediatley accepted. Type a quick "buffing now and enroute give me 2 minutes"

    Well as I run from Annabel toward the transporter I see bars of the party dropping and turning red a quavering 8 year old voice says your our only hope "$#%" (my characters name). I think oh my Gawd they must be prettry far in I'd better hurry. Well you know the second spinning blade trap at the bottom of the first hallway. Well a party wipe occured. I jump the traps and lay into various guards and bad guys, gather all the stones and fight my way to the shrine.

    Everyone back up and ready the rest of the run went fairly well, spiders down, gurads down, orges and bugbears all taken out, get to the last battle up top for the chest, very good group and tactics, we overcome get our chests and start to FO. I agaion hear the young voice say heys lets get the extra chest, by this time i'm back outside and heading for the lobster when i see three bars go red and the final voice as i drop group "I guess we could've used "#$%" here too".

    I had to laugh, i've played with mixed groups before of younger and more mature players, usually the kids are competent players but tend to get just a little over their heads, but hey they'll learn....
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    Awesome job staying in the group and helping, some ppl in this game would just bail...very good job saving the day there.


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