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    How about uhhh updating the Links?
    Lots of them show 404
    Also its missing
    which has everything crafting related.

    And where is the Link to the PDF file someone made of the Enhancement Update?
    afaik he was keeping it up2date, should have been added.
    and should still get added till the wiki is up2date.

    Also there are a few Charbuild Collections that should have been added years ago.

    ddo Preloader for all those of us who crash on first login or have a slow system, it really helps a lot.
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    [QUOTE=Visty;3130603]tell me where you can find, hmm lets say, the tempest enhancement line in one of your books

    oh, you cant

    and i doubt you know more then me about ddo, considering you havent left korthos yet[/QUOTE

    Since you appear a DDO prodigy, could you help me with something? I was playing all yesterday, but today I had to go through like a mini update or something, and when it was done loading, I typed in my username and password and it said :"Failed to read authentication response [err: unexpected end of file][line:1][col:1]. What do I do?

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    Exclamation Book learning

    Quote Originally Posted by Xatasha View Post
    I never said that DDO was just D&D moved over to a on line game. I said that having the 3.5 books will help new players understand how the game works. It explains things like

    1) basic classes
    2) stats
    3) how stacking works
    4) DR and what it is
    5) Monsters alignment and weaknesses
    6) What the d in 3d6 means
    7) feats
    8) skills
    9) Different magic items and what they do
    10) Spells and DC

    Yes you can point to things that are in one version of the game and not the other. However the core mechanics are the same and lets face it.......the D&D books explain how to play the game a lot better than DDO.

    As for your tempest enchantments well its one of the things you won't find in the D&D books since the DDO enchantments are the on line version of watered down prestige classes from the books. The reason for enchantments over prestige classes is for on line game balance. Again I never said DDO was just a on line copy of D&D....I said that the D&D books would help people understand the basics of DDO
    Much of the information can also be found in the older Advance dungeons & Dragons books. DDO has just refined a long build process. I both played the older versions and dm them. No problem with the new system except most people are in to much of a hurry to form a party to disscuss what you are planning to do.

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    Default Why sticky this if it isn't maintained as an up-to-date resource?

    Ron's Character Planner at is currently at version 3.19.03. Either pull the version info or update it.

    Don't remember if cubicleninja has been added to the original post or not, but it's the best Cannith Crafting guide I've tripped across as well has having named item search abilities and some nice solvers. It's not my favorite greensteel crafting tool tho, That's the one at It has a lovely interface where you click the effects you want and it grays out every option that selection precludes. Very user-friendly. At the end it produces a complete ingredient list and set of crafting instructions. Only caveat is that it uses a different naming convention for the intermediate ingredients than is current in-game, so you have to figure out that 'Inf focus negative' = 'Inferior focus of negative energy', for example.

    BTW, if cubicleninja reads this, could you maybe add some kind of 'last modified date' or 'valid to Uxx.x' to your site for Cannith Crafting and Item searches, so we can tell what might be out-of-date at any given time?

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