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Thread: Cinnis my love!

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    Default Cinnis my love!

    Ok... me and my guildmate are tryin to get ready for the abbott raid on ghallanda even thought it`s kinda broken.
    so far high priest is so piece of cake that we even loot it for fun 2-3 man but last night we tryied Cinnis!!!

    We were forced to DD out because we went throught all our recources because he regen too fast, i know it as something to do with the runes but what exactly? plus is there an advantage to fight him upstairs or downstair?


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    Have some stand at the runes below, and some at the runes upstairs (IIRC there are 2 runes down and 2 runes up). Then trigger Cinnis & minions with someone else (who should try to keep aggro away from the people on runes upstairs, so they are not interrupted). Wait just a bit to get a big fireball blast (obviously have fire resist on), then activate all runes. At this point you should be able to fight Cinnis (take down the other spawns first so they don't bother you too much).
    I don't think it matters much where you fight him, most of the time I've been doing it downstairs just because Cinnis went down.

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