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    Quote Originally Posted by ron111star View Post

    Just built my Gs Rapier, and not have to run shroud to make it a radiance 2....only problem is that I dont kno exactly what a radiance 2 rapier is, and what are the ingredients.

    Since you just built one, maybe you can explain.

    Wowzer thats a good thread necro there

    ...but ask and you shall recieve:

    That is the planner that I use....just select Rapier under the drop down weapon menu, click go....then I find that working backwards is click radience on the far right...then add the other effects you want...experiment a little, but FYI you probably want either good burst or holy...have fun.

    ps...probably not a good idea to craft at the moment as tier 3 is bugged I hear...but feel free to run shroud as often as you can to collect those ingredients...Rad II is one of the most expensive to make...I think mine cost 6 large scale.

    pps...radience rapier just refers to its tier 3 property....which will blind the enemy mob on a critical...which on a rapier with proper feats will be 15-20 or 25% of the time. Once the mobs are blinded you get sneak attack even with aggro and also get your assassin III vorpal kils.

    Note: the other posts were written a long time ago....and I do not belive that you still get auto criticals when the mob is reduced to 0 strength due to crippling blow.
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