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    Default Why is their an incessant need to want all for every class

    I am a long time D&D player started back in 1980. You know what I loved about D&D? I'll tell you the unique roles each character brought to a PARTY. Wow what a concept a character having a unique role ONE ROLE!! Not dual roles ONE ROLE. Not character did it all. Yes there is the Bard whose role is to add balance to a party as he can do a little of everything. There is the barbarian who is there to kill things. There is the Fighter who is there to tactically take down the enemies. The Ranger who can track and come up and dual wield or hit things from afar as needed. There is the thief who opens doors disables traps and waits for his spot to deal a killing blow. There is the Cleric who heals our wounds and adds some punch to the party as he is able in combat. there is the paladin who bolsters his allies abilities and has a melee presence. There is the wizard or sorcorer there to take down the enemies fast or control how the enemies come in. Then there is the Monk who is there to disarm, disable, and imobolize the enemy as needed. WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE FEEL THE NEED TO RUIN THE ROLES AND THE BALANCE THAT EACH CLASS BRINGS TO A PARTY. Remember D&D is PARTY BASED not soloed based you want solo I would suggest maybe you look elsewhere and nor ruin my favorite game with your whining.

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    Cause you can go faster when everyone can do everything?
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    Ok, and your request is...?, #1 source for DDO information.

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    lol.. You realize you just adequetly described NINE roles when most parties are limited to 6 players right?
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    We don't envision starting players with Starter Gear and zero knowledge playing on Hard or Elite.

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    Default I can only hear it now...

    "You're a ranger and you don't use bows?"

    Comments like your OP make me happy I don't pug.

    Remember D&D is PARTY BASED not soloed based you want solo I would suggest maybe you look elsewhere and nor ruin my favorite game with your whining.
    You're absolutely right it is a PARTY BASED game. With that being said please don't concern yourself with other players abilities and character builds. The only thing your post is saying to me is I know it's a party game but I'd rather be able to do things myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ransacked View Post
    The only thing your post is saying to me is I know it's a party game but I'd rather be able to do things myself.
    Is this some kind of typo? This is exactly the opposite of what the OP said (not that I agree with the OP).
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    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago.
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    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gary_Gygax
    No single character has all the skills and resources needed to guarantee success in all endeavors; favorable results can usually only be achieved through group effort. No single player character wins, in the sense that he or she defeats all other player characters; the goal of the forces of good can only be attained through cooperation, so that victory is a group achievement rather than an individual one.

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    I have to disagree with the OP. I'm glad to see a Wizard with a functional level or two of rogue. Saves the group looking for just a rogue.
    I'm glad the WF Barbarian has a level of caster to help in self-healing himself.
    The pnp groups the OP must've played were either a lot of people in which every person could keep class specific or they lacked creativity.
    I've played dnd from the start and cross-classing has been a fun development.
    however..... cross-classing in DDO seems very lenient with no class-favoring for the races when it comes to xp. but that's another issue.

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    Default My 2 CP

    First and foremost sir, I have to ask two simple questions. 1. Are you basing your opinion of chracter roles in a DDO party on a vast, and lengthly PNP history and the typical roles therein? 2. Or is it that your perspective on character roles in a DDO party are solely based on the online game? The answer to both questions is the same.. you're comparing apples to oranges.

    I've played DDO since beta and even before that I've played PNP for over 25 years and I can assure you that the necessity and roles of class distribution in both games have needs that are specific to each game.

    As far as a PNP group I love to see large COHESIVE parties, diversity, unique character concepts, great roleplaying and the occasional combat and treasure.

    However DDO brings a different set of likes. I like a party that can get the job done, recall, rinse, repeat. plain and simple. I don't give a flip about who can do what, as long as someone in the party can do it.

    Take my main Yorrick for example.. he's a Rng12/Rog2/Brb2 that can melee, range, UMD wands/scrolls to heal, buff, and raise dead, open doors, disable locks, search and spot. He can do alot. Does that mean I'd exclude a rog, a fighter, a barb, a pally, and a cleric just because I can do their jobs, no? What it means is I take it upon myself to ensure that we have a plan B in case one of the guys in party who's sterotypical, pidgeonholed job ( which I hate saying but it sounds like that's where the OP's train of thought is going ) it is to perform a certain role goes down. I like planning for all eventualities.. I've saved many a raid/group because of my type of thinking and the way I build my guys. I played EQ for over 5 years as an Enchanter.. so I'm VERY used to the " support character " mentality this concept seems foreign to you however. From what I read it sounds like to me you're nothing more than a guy who's whining because you've been passed over for groups or raids 1 too many times because of a substandard, run of the mill, lackluster, dime a dozen build.


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    I'm not totaly sure what aspect of the game or discussions the OP doesn't like.

    I would sort of agree in so much as each class should have things it is good or poor at so that it has a strong flavor and niche in D&D.

    I don't agree in that its bad to try and make characters that are more versatile instead of specialized by picking featrues from different classes and mixing them together.

    Some rolls you can play in PnP just don't work as well in DDO. A purely social character can be quite strong in some D&D games but they are almost worthless in DDO. A thief in PnP can get up to michief and have fun in a story, but in DDO just doing traps or springing in for a last minute kill would simply be dull for most players.
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    D&D 3.5 edition is really interesting because you can combine class abilities via multi-classing and thus create fun characters. 3.5 D&D is very much about multi-classing, when prestige classes are included. In my D&D experience the single-role single-classed character is very very rare these days. DDO gives us prestige classes as enhancements, so every character in DDO is "multiclassed" from that point of view.

    The problem with the ONE ROLE design philosophy is that character building is a LOT LESS interesting. That game is definately a lot easier to understand, learn, and game balance, but it is ultimately not as interesting. 3.5 edition D&D is very easy to exploit and game balance problem come up when the DM allows for too much power-building and too-easy powerful-treasure aquisition. DDO definately has that problem with its munchkin DMing style... But even with that flaw the DDO system is refreshingly diverse compared to other MMOs, because it was based on fun concepts from D&D 3.0/3.5 where those devs wanted to empower players to build-what-they-want-to-have with little restrictions.

    4th edition D&D is going back to the concept of more singular roles and lack of cross-role building options.

    I want DDO1 to stay 3.5 so I can have an online game that allows the multiclassing that I enjoy. DDO Turbine has weakened D&D multi-classing too much via level-based enhancements and lack of a Practiced Spellcaster feat, but it is certainly a lot more fun than other MMOS where you are limited to a single choice of class powers.
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    I would say that the classic D&D went out the window when it became a MMO. If they were to do exactly like PNP it wouldnt appeal that much to alot of players, sometimes I'd rather solo than grp if I had to grp everytime that would suck. Then there is the spell charts I for one would hate to see casters/healers only have a select numbers of spells to use when fighting a 1000hp boss if you know what I mean, and besides they always had multi-classing ever since I could remember so chars. have always been able to have the multi role's if they wanted.

    So I for one like the fact that other ppl can play other roles as well cause if I mess up a roll than im happy if someone else can try at it, plus it gives a better variety to the game it would be lame if everyone did only one role but thats only my 2c.

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