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    is anyone getting major lag and having alot of issues wit hvoice chat not workign atm? my party is having alot of lag issues atm

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    yup, so bad that we couldnt even do a simple mission
    eventually every 1 gave up and left.
    then after I left I still heard the other players like I was still in their group

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    yeah, yesterday i was still hearing lagged party chat after i was out of the group for at least a minute, lol.
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    Had the weirdest issues with voice chat last night. I was in a group with 4 people. My screen showed the wizard and my ranger with voice chat enabled. We could speak but the pally and cleric could not. The cleric indicated his screen showed his and the pally's voice chat enabled, but not the wizard and mine. He could speak only with the Pally. We reformed, and it was alright. Later, when I dropped group, I could still hear the other three for about 5 minutes into the next mission.

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