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    Default More WF Feats wanted

    With the module coming up. I thought I would throw this out with some heavy wishing on the next mod.

    How about giving WF a few more of their Feats offered in "Races of Eberron"
    like the following:

    Cold Iron Tracery = Unarmed Combat damage is treated as cold iron weapons. Also, gain +1 to will saves.

    Construct Lock =+2 bonus to dmg against constructs. Critical hit gives another attack. If the 2nd attack deals damage enemy must succeed at a Fortitude save of (10 + 1/2 char level + Con Modifier) or be stunned for 1 round.

    Jaws of death = bite attack that deals 1d6 dmg. treated as secondary weapon.

    Silver Tracery = Unarmed Combat damage is treated as silver wepaons. Also, gain +1 to Fortitude saves.

    Unarmored Body = Loses the normal +2 composite plating bonus, loses the light fortification bonus and has 0% arcane spell failure.

    I know there's a couple more. But I'm looking at implementation in DDO.
    The tracery's, jaws of death, and unarmored body should be no problem. They could probably tweak Construct Lock to a Favored Enemy option for WF.
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