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    who necro'd this?

    DIV on Thelanis

    DDOwiki - Sharing DDO knowledge

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    Default need this build need help

    6 tempist build some many level wiz some rog to do traps and it 2 be wf race

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    This is worse than my Necro from last October. Woot!

    -=[ Archangels ]=-

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    Im glad for the Necro lol I forgot I even posted in this or how funny the OP was oh man thanks for the chuckles ^_^
    Kalari-Lost Legions resident Drunking Gaming Diva!
    Im not bad Im morally Obtuse...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringos View Post
    You spent time on this uber build and yet you neglect my repeated requests for an Amish Battle Cleric?!?!

    If this build wasn't so %#(@&* uber, I'd be really upset...


    Amish Battle Cleric.

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    not that this build would need the extra levels to complete the new content - but is there any chance somebody could update this build for the expansion? I've been using this build to steamroll through, and I'd like something similar for the new stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigtrent View Post
    The Heavy Metal Dungeon God!!!

    You’ve tried the rest, now re-roll to the best! The game has changed a lot since my last uber black metal warforged god build so it’s time to update the pownenest build of all time for the new age. Now with 16 levels of awesome and 32 build points of steel hard kick ass for your gaming pleasure! Awww ya!

    The HMDG is the total package! It all starts with the monster defense armor class, evasion and mega immunities, plus all the buffs you could want! Then it’s got sweet melee offense with dual wielding bastard swords and power attack for total damage domination! Need magic? Dude, HMDG’s got magic covered six ways till Monday with fast casting big mana sorcerer and bufftastic mega healing cleric. And there’s even trap disabling so this build can rock the dungeon all night long, no holes barred!

    Check it out!

    Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.85
    DDO Character Planner Home Page
    Level 16 Chaotic Good  Warforged Female
    (2 Rogue \ 7 Cleric \ 7 Sorcerer) 
    Hit Points: 196
    Spell Points: 728 
    BAB: 9\9\14
    Fortitude: 12
    Reflex: 15
    Will: 9
                     Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    (32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 16)
    Strength             14                    17
    Dexterity            18                    26
    Constitution         18                    21
    Intelligence          8                    11
    Wisdom                6                     9
    Charisma              6                     9
    Tomes Used
    +3 Tome of Strength used at level 1
    +3 Tome of Dexterity used at level 1
    +3 Tome of Constitution used at level 1
    +3 Tome of Intelligence used at level 1
    +3 Tome of Wisdom used at level 1
    +3 Tome of Charisma used at level 1
                     Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                    Base Skills         Modified Skills
    Skills           (Level 1)            (Level 16)
    Balance               5                     3
    Bluff                -1                    -1
    Concentration         5                     5
    Diplomacy            -1                    -1
    Disable Device        n/a                  20
    Haggle               -1                    -1
    Heal                 -1                    -1
    Hide                  5                     3
    Intimidate           -1                    -1
    Jump                  3                    -2
    Listen               -1                    -1
    Move Silently         5                     3
    Open Lock             n/a                   n/a
    Perform              n/a                   n/a
    Repair                0                     0
    Search                0                     0
    Spot                 -1                    -1
    Swim                  5                     2
    Tumble                n/a                   n/a
    Use Magic Device     n/a                    2
    Level 1 (Sorcerer)
    Skill: Swim (+2)
    Feat: (Selected) Adamantine Body
    Feat: (Automatic) Attack
    Feat: (Automatic) Composite Plating
    Feat: (Automatic) Heroic Durability
    Feat: (Automatic) Light Fortification
    Feat: (Automatic) Magical Training
    Feat: (Automatic) Simple Weapon Proficiency (ALL)
    Feat: (Automatic) Sneak
    Feat: (Automatic) Warforged Resistances
    Spell (1): Repair Light Damage
    Spell (1): Grease
    Level 2 (Rogue)
    Skill: Disable Device (+5)
    Skill: Swim (+2)
    Skill: Use Magic Device (+1)
    Feat: (Automatic) Light Armor Proficiency
    Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency: Rapier
    Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency: Shortsword
    Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency: Shortbow
    Feat: (Automatic) Sneak Attack
    Feat: (Automatic) Trapfinding
    Feat: (Automatic) Trip
    Level 3 (Cleric)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Feat: (Selected) Power Attack
    Feat: (Automatic) Heavy Armor Proficiency
    Feat: (Automatic) Medium Armor Proficiency
    Feat: (Automatic) Shield Proficiency (General)
    Feat: (Automatic) Turn Undead
    Spell (1): Bane
    Spell (1): Bless
    Spell (1): Cause Fear
    Spell (1): Command
    Spell (1): Cure Light Wounds
    Spell (1): Divine Favor
    Spell (1): Doom
    Spell (1): Inflict Light Wounds
    Spell (1): Nightshield
    Spell (1): Nimbus of Light
    Spell (1): Obscuring Mist
    Spell (1): Protection From Evil
    Spell (1): Remove Fear
    Spell (1): Shield of Faith
    Spell (1): Summon Monster I
    Level 4 (Sorcerer)
    Ability Raise: DEX
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Feat: (Automatic) Defensive Fighting
    Spell (1): Niac's Cold Ray
    Level 5 (Sorcerer)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Spell (1): Charm Person
    Level 6 (Rogue)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Skill: Swim (+5)
    Skill: Use Magic Device (+2)
    Feat: (Selected) Slicing Blow
    Feat: (Automatic) Evasion (Rogue)
    Level 7 (Cleric)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Level 8 (Cleric)
    Ability Raise: DEX
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Spell (2): Aid
    Spell (2): Bear's Endurance
    Spell (2): Bull's Strength
    Spell (2): Close Wounds
    Spell (2): Cure Moderate Wounds
    Spell (2): Deific Vengance
    Spell (2): Eagle's Spendor
    Spell (2): Find Traps
    Spell (2): Hold Person
    Spell (2): Inflict Moderate Wounds
    Spell (2): Lesser Restoration
    Spell (2): Owl's Wisdom
    Spell (2): Remove Paralysis
    Spell (2): Resist Energy
    Spell (2): Seek Eternal Rest
    Spell (2): Soundburst
    Spell (2): Spawn Screen
    Spell (2): Summon Monster II
    Level 9 (Cleric)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Feat: (Selected) Improved Fortification
    Level 10 (Cleric)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Spell (3): Aid, Mass
    Spell (3): Bestow Curse
    Spell (3): Blindness
    Spell (3): Contagion
    Spell (3): Cure Serious Wounds
    Spell (3): Dispel Magic
    Spell (3): Glyph of Warding
    Spell (3): Inflict Serious Wounds
    Spell (3): Magic Circle Against Evil
    Spell (3): Prayer
    Spell (3): Protection From Energy
    Spell (3): Remove Blindness
    Spell (3): Remove Curse
    Spell (3): Remove Disease
    Spell (3): Searing Light
    Spell (3): Summon Monster III
    Spell (3): Water Breathing
    Level 11 (Sorcerer)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Spell (2): Ooze Puppet
    Level 12 (Sorcerer)
    Ability Raise: DEX
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Feat: (Selected) Hamstring
    Spell (2): Invisibility
    Level 13 (Cleric)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Level 14 (Sorcerer)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Spell (3): Stinking Cloud
    Level 15 (Sorcerer)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Feat: (Selected) Maximize Spell
    Spell (2): Cat's Grace
    Spell (3): Sleet Storm
    Level 16 (Cleric)
    Skill: Disable Device (+1)
    Spell (4): Chaos Hammer
    Spell (4): Cure Critical Wounds
    Spell (4): Deathward
    Spell (4): Dismissal
    Spell (4): Divine Power
    Spell (4): Freedom of Movement
    Spell (4): Holy Smite
    Spell (4): Inflict Critical Wounds
    Spell (4): Neutralize Poison
    Spell (4): Order's Wrath
    Spell (4): Poison
    Spell (4): Recitation
    Spell (4): Restoration
    Spell (4): Shield of Faith, Mass
    Spell (4): Summon Monster IV
    Spell (4): Symbol of Flame
    Spell (4): Unholy Blight
    Enhancement: Rogue Damage Boost I
    Enhancement: Rogue Haste Boost I
    Enhancement: Follower of the Lord of Blades
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Improved Maximizing I
    Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Training I
    Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Lineage of Deadly Energy I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Lineage of Deadly Elements I
    Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Incredible Smiting I
    Enhancement: Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Lineage of Deadly Force I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Energy Manipulation I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Energy Manipulation II
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Elemental Manipulation I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Elemental Manipulation II
    Enhancement: Cleric Smiting I
    Enhancement: Cleric Smiting II
    Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic I
    Enhancement: Cleric Life Magic II
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Force Manipulation I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Force Manipulation II
    Enhancement: Cleric Energy of the Zealot I
    Enhancement: Cleric Energy of the Zealot II
    Enhancement: Rogue Dexterity I
    Enhancement: Cleric Divine Cleansing I
    Enhancement: Cleric Divine Cleansing II
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Wand Heightening I
    Enhancement: Sorcerer Wand Heightening II
    Enhancement: Warforged Brute Fighting I
    Enhancement: Warforged Brute Fighting II
    Enhancement: Warforged Brute Fighting III
    Enhancement: Warforged Healer's Friend I
    Enhancement: Warforged Healer's Friend II
    Enhancement: Warforged Healer's Friend III
    Enhancement: Warforged Power Attack I
    Enhancement: Warforged Power Attack II
    Enhancement: Warforged Power Attack III
    Ok, now look. This build is for the elite only. Don’t be trying this for your first time cause you need sweet gear to really make this bad boy hum along. But don’t sweat cause I got it all laid out for ya…

    Main hand: +1 Axiomatic Burst Bastard Sword of Greater Dragon Bane
    Off Hand: +1 Vorpal Bastard Sword of Greater Ooze Bane
    Armor: +5 Greater Acid Guard Mithral Full Plate (alchemical ritual)
    Helm: Minos Helm (Toughness and Heavy fort) <aww me so horny>
    Belt: Girdle of Giant’s Brawn
    Googles: Black Lace Blindfold
    Bracers: Armor 7 Bracers
    Ring1: Dex +6
    Ring2: Con +6
    Cloak: Hellfire Cloak <no survivors! >
    Neck: Hruvayah’s Medallion
    Boots: Double Madstone Boots
    Gloves: Greensteel Gauntlets <sorry cant share my secret recipe!>
    Trinket: Battle Coin
    Potions: None <Don’t waste your gold!>

    I know your thinking. Damn boy! How you get all that sweet gear. Well I’ll tell ya. MAKE THIS BUILD! Man when you roll like this you can’t help but rake in the goods! Especially if you know the secret to dancing on chests. Ask me in game and I’ll show ya the art of it for a few K plat.

    All you wanabees out there… I ain’t askin you about this build, I’m tellin you about it. So before you make some sorry excuse for a post that’s just gonna show your ignorance, check yourself and ask..” do I wanna get shamed today?” But if you needs to get schooled, hay! Class is in session.

    Errm....can I just point out that the warforged IS FEMALE!
    I'm here because your not WISHING HARD ENOUGH!!

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    Why is this not in the Hall of Fame yet?, #1 source for DDO information.

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    lol this thread will never die

    woot to the ubah forge build
    Kalari-Lost Legions resident Drunking Gaming Diva!
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    Default lol

    Quote Originally Posted by sigtrent View Post
    Every detail was carefully considered to maxize uberness!
    specilaly the +5 mithril armor on a wf yeah.. lol

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    We need to keep this build around, even if it doesnt qualify for the 3rd tier PrE's its still very useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twerpp View Post
    We need to keep this build around, even if it doesnt qualify for the 3rd tier PrE's its still very useful.
    psh... who needs 3rd tier PrE's with this awsome build of uber 1337 suace. i think that getting to level 20 with this build qualifies the player to a 5th tier PrE and their name should be enshrined in candy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalari View Post
    lol this thread will never die
    It’s a trick! Get an axe!

    Things that if Turbine went all EXTREME PREJUDICE™ on, would actually make the game fun again.:
    • Giving us the racial PrE’s we were promised, before rolling out DDOStore™ Enhancement Trees.
    • One loot system to rule them all. (Including Cannith Crafting, and Named Loot.)
    • Fixing the Cannith Challenges so that they can be 6 starred without incredible luck or store bought items.
    • Adjusting Challenge XP so that they're worth running more than once.

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    You think all scroll down to see whats this build about? some will see your name and run off to start character creator you are digging a grave for yourself :P

    anyways, it looked fishy straight away when i saw that cleric/sorcerer split and not splash

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    Default Build Request 20 FVS Elf Melee

    I have been kicking this idea around.

    Favored Soul Ascendancy: Healing Word: Your loyalty and devotion to the Sovereign Host has resulted in you reaching a new level of power. You gain +2 Charisma, +2 to the Diplomacy and Heal skills, and are able to cast the spell Cure Light Wounds at will without using spell points.

    Favored Soul Longsword Specialization II Ⓢ: You gain an additional +1 bonus to damage rolls when using a Longsword, for a total bonus of +2.

    ◦Damage Reduction: Cold Iron (Sovereign Host)

    Elven Melee Attack II: +2 to attack Ⓢ rolls with rapiers and longswords

    Elven Melee Damage II: +2 to damage rolls with rapiers and longswords.

    Quicken seems to be a must
    Free clw + some kind of enhancements
    maximize /emp heal/emp spell?

    I am not sure if it would be worth it to go with TWF or just skip it and go with Light and Darkness and True Neutral I would like to be able to solo and group well. I have a WF FvS, I would like a melee/caster FvS so I can play with more of the toys that have a DC and Spell pen...

    I guess I want it all and just don't know what I can cut where.

    Goal- employ Free CLWs to save SP and make it worth casting. Strong ability to solo endgame content and strong group end game content. more caster focused but with Melee as needed probly S&B.


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    Slicing blow FTW

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    This thread is a freaking necro-fest. I count 3 resurrections.

    Where's my damned silver spike...
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    Heard through the grapevine: They are going to ban this build in U5 - too much DPS lag caused by all those battle sorc/clerics dual-wielding those bastard swords.

    -=[ Archangels ]=-

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    "When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown-up." -C.S. Lewis

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassCannon View Post

    Amish Battle Cleric.
    ILLEGAL! You can't have 4 different classes.

    Drop the Ranger -3 and bump up the Farmer to 6 to compensate.

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