From May of 08 in the other thread....

Item Name: Staff of Aureon (exclusive)
Item Type: +1 Quarterstaff
Found in: Level 19-20 raid
Min LV: 20
Changed Basic Values: Adamantine
DDO Attributes: Superior Devotion 9, Superior Arcane Lore, Superior Spell Penetration 9.
Your Attributes: Adamantine: Hardness 23
Other specials: None
Clicky(s): 1x day may use the staff to cast Sovereign rejuvenation (acts as the rejuv effect from the charge of the reaver)
Flavor: Fearful of a repeat of the Day of Mourning, Balinor tasked the God Onatar to create this Artifact so that his clerics would never be unprepared again. This staff is only useable by true believers of the Sovereign Host.