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    Quote Originally Posted by Yagmoth View Post
    Thx for your interest in thread; however, we are looking for items to add to DDO and since similar items exist that do these things, I am not going to consider these for the list. Sorry. Can you post something of your design?
    There is nothing in the game that gives +15 to hide AND move silently. The closest is currently the boots out of the Demon Queen that give +15 to ms and +11 to hide. And that's raid loot. That is why I proposed these. I can understand why many players who don't play stealthy characters could care less about the minor details I've proposed, but I personally would absolutely love to see those changes.

    Perhaps some clarification: are you wanting this thread to be about new items, or completely new item effects?

    If the latter, then how about these:
    Silence - completely muffles sound, removing the need for any move silently checks.
    Shadowstalker - allows wearer to use their move silently skill against creatures with tremor sense (spiders, slimes, etc.)
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