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    Ok the next item is, not an is a feat

    Magic Meta Feat - Wild Magic

    If you turn it on (everyone should run for cover :-O)
    it costs +30 spell points

    It doubles the chance of a critical hit (if applicable)
    It triples the chance of spell failure (if applicable)
    It has a base chance of 30% Critical Failure (-1% per point of Int above 10, -1% per point of Cons skill, +1 % per spell lvl attemped)
    Critical Failure = loss of all remaining spell points and 50% of your remaining hit points and a 1D6 per spell level hp dam AOE explosion (could kill ya or your friends)

    ok, why would you want to use it?

    It lets you attempt any spell available at your max casting level (if you can cast upto 2nd lvl..then you can try this upto
    2nd lvl) no matter if you have choose the spell or not or if you know the spell (is not in spell book or for Sorc was never choose) or not (spell is choosen from a pop up menu during only have
    a few seconds to find and choose the spell or it goes into auto Critical Failure)
    There is some fun animation to warn party members a caster is attempting it.

    Basically, it is the ability for a caster to attempt to cast a spell they have not studied and they are faking it on the spot.
    very dangerous, very fun.
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