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    Default seeking assistance to level cleric

    So in my runnings of late, I've noticed a really big shortage of Clerics on, especially when they're in such desperate need. To help combat this shortage, I've rolled one (with Cae's help) but I'd like to get her leveled up at a nice clip so she'll be of more use for folks running VoN/Co6 & all those mid-level q's. She's Dru's fleshie-sister, Annastacia. If you're interested in helping me out, please PM or send tell in game.

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    Default Lol. Don't Worry!

    Greetings. I did the same. About leveling a Cleric... Don't worry. It just happens!

    The main benefit of playing a Cleric, aside from the fact that they turn out to be pretty fun, is that you can do whatever you want any time you want. Since 80% of the player base (mistakenly) thinks they have to have a cleric to be successful, you just announce what you want to to and the followers start lining up.

    Ok... there are levels and times where this doesn't exactly pan out perfectly. But it is about 500% better than any other class. So the levels will come.

    Cheers. Hope to play with you soon.
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