Greetings my name is Captain Thargorv Helmsplitter, Guild Leader of Ten Ton Hammer. We've been a bit dormant lately but that time is at an end. You may have heard of us but for those of you who haven't here's what you need to know.

What we are:

-We're a casual friendly Guild. We require nothing in terms of play time or partying.
-We've been around on Sarlona since Beta.
-We promote training of new players and assistance to members.
-We are easy to join. Our only rule is "No Jerks."

What we are NOT:

-Elitist. We accept all players regardless of experience.
-Hardcore. If you're looking for weekly Guild Raids then go somewhere else.
-Real stuck on ourselves. A keen sense of humor is a must.
-Plat farmers. Ten Ton Hammer hates and reports plat farmers.

Interested parties need only contact any Guild Member or mail me in game.

Captain Thargorv Helmsplitter
Guild Leader Ten Ton Hammer