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    So I was hanging out in the rusty nail after a late nite tangle with a would-be-dragon and heard this yellow haired halfing bard strumming his lute whil'st singing a dirge.

    Once there was a sorcerer and he was a gas
    Soon turned out he had a jaw of glass
    Seemed like an undead thing, only to fi~~~~ind
    Cleric mistrust,
    should’ve stayed behind

    Once there was a sorcerer and he was arcane
    Soon found out I was losing my Kude
    Seemed like a undead thing but he was so sle~~~~ewd
    Cleric mistrust,
    should’ve stayed behind

    In between
    What I find is dreadful and I’m feeling sad
    Undead are so confusing and they make me mad
    Having feared for losing you, Its just no good
    The way that you were sle~~~ew

    A dedication to our newest member Kudesnik and his first loss. He is now Kudesnik II.

    Extreme Explorer Graveyard
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