Our guild is sponsoring a fun and (relatively) short event Sunday (4/27). We didn't advertise it a lot or much ahead of time because we just want to see how this one goes with minimal teams before we attempt anything bigger.

Basically bring a 4 person team to Sarlona tomorrow night at 8:30pm Central time. Ping Zakzak (our guild leader) and I'll invite a leader from each team to a party to get the ground rules. We'll give out a short list of items to bring back to us. Each item is worth 10 points (8 items total), though we'll drop some random DDO trivia questions and impromptu errands for bonus points. Time runs out after 2 hours, and then it'll be a matter of points earned based on what each teams bring back in addition to the bonuses.

All levels are welcome, and it will be pretty even for any team that has at least all level 6's and above available to them.

At least one member (preferably the designated leader) for each party will have to join our guild, Sanctus Cognati, temporarily in order to receive communication during the hunt.

There will be a few prizes. The team in first place will each get their choice of +1 tomes... (except Con tomes. sorry, have a hard time procuring those). They probably won't all be available right away, but i'll get them to you by the end of the week. Second place will likely be a plat prize.