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    Here I have been slowly and most times painfully crawling from quest to quest, many times solo since I am a tad bashful in asking others that I do not know to run with me. I am very impressed with the quality of most of the folks I have met on our awesome server and look forward to meeting more and possibly even running with you.
    If anyone would like to run with a noobie that loves the game but needs help please add me to friends list or /tell me of you see me online.

    Thank You

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    Great to have new blood!

    Keep an eye out for DOHR (level 5). I always play him with my son so we take things slow, don't zerg, and you'll get to savor the new quests.

    Also - when you quest with folks that seem like people you could hang with, if they're in a guild, try to get an invite. It really improves the entire experience.

    Once again - welcome!

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    Welcome to DDO & Ghallanda

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    Welcome Indeed! Look for Quyver (rgr 4). We'll go kill some stuff! Sun War Academy has characters in place just for helping new/lower level characters level through the game. Maybe we'll be a good fit and you can join up!
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