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    Default The Lunatics of Goodwill

    Hello fellow players. As guildmaster and co-founder of The Lunatics of Goodwill I would like to spread the word of Goodwill. We are a recently started guild who is starting to grow in number. Most of Sarlona, in the lower levels, has seen one or two Lunatics of Goodwill running around. Our mission and goal is to help all fellow players, whether you have been playing 3 years or just a couple of days. As guildmaster I maintain low level characters on a fairly regular basis. We offer advice, items, money, and the only thing we ask for in return is to spread the Goodwill. When I first started playing this game several people helped me along the way, so I want to return the favor. If you or anyone you know needs anything don't hesistate to ask a Lunatic, if we can help we will. I have heard nothing but good things from those who have run with a couple of us. If you would like to join or even assist in spreading the Goodwill to those who need it, send anyone with the guild name a tell and they will pass on the information to either myself or the nearest officer as soon as possible. Thank you in advance and spread the Goodwill. Our website is still under construction.
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