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    Default Turbine Mailbag: Dear Cubie, 2nd Edition

    For more letters from the Dear Cubie series, visit the Turbine Mailbag 1st Edition

    Hello Mighty Ooze!

    I've read over other letters sent in, and I'm scared now! There are so many rules, how am I ever going to remember to follow them all? I don't want to get banned, I just want to talk about DDO with my friends and other players on the forums.

    Thanks for your time,
    Walking On Eggshells


    Dear Walking,

    The two biggest things to remember are:

    Rule 1. Be nice to your fellow posters.
    Rule 2. If you can't be nice to them, then the forum has two nifty features: an ignore (available by clicking on their name to view their profile and selecting "Add [them] to your Ignore List") and a reported post function (it's in the lower left corner of posts and looks like this ).

    Do these things so that you avoid my oozerific attention.

    Your friend,
    The Cube
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