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Thread: WF guild ???

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    Question WF guild ???

    i mostly play WF as my class and was wondering if there were any pure WF guilds???
    i used to be part of brotherhood of steal but it seems to have gone away? i forget my server name but i think its THALANUS or something like that - ( i know it starts of with TH ) and theres only 1. any WF guilds please let me know - my main is a( LVL 4 FIGHTER / LVL 7 WIZARD = LVL 11 ) the rest will be placed in wizard. i have been gone for a long while and started playing again 3 weeks ago - and i really like the new changes

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    Depends on the server, on Arggo we have The Mithril Hand, WF casters, well so long as caster is a majority of your classes, only, and our sister guild The Iron Hand, Warforged everything else only.
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    I've seen The Warforged Union and about 1 or 2 other Warforged only guilds on Thelanis (that I've seen). You may want to contact them.
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