lagged bit when i grouped with bards with my other toons but never gave it 2nd thought untell i rolled up one myself

The lag i get while playing a bard is unreal get huge freeze spikes that last for 2-5 secs every min or so and my buffs and debuffs count down and stay at 0:00 on the top of my screen. Make playing them very unpleasent and the lag i get when im gouped with them when im on other toons is anoying to say the least. Just to make sure i played my other toons again and no lag no lingering buffs displayed at 0:00 only when i played my bard and even tested this on another server same results only get these freezeing lag spikes and lingering displayed buffs/debuffs that only go away on loggin in and out. Only have this problem with bards and it happens every time i play one or grouped with one for added lag. Is there anyway to fix this?