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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowdenicus View Post
    It is great to know my wife is welcome to hang out with you guys as long as her husband isnt around.......

    *decided not to say more*
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    in the dark...cold...UnderWater places...


    Yeah...come to sarlona...
    the gem of the sewers...
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    Hope you find a solid guild. It's sad when people get worked up over a game this much. I don't know what the story is, but sounds like they'll be some bad blood for awhile.
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    anyone else see the humor in that the "Face Stabbers" didn't face him to boot him but did it while he was logged out? and then kept his wife in?

    sorry... just saw that as humorous....
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    Default You do not need a guild

    Being in a guild is like having a second job. I love the freedom of PUGs. I have been playing since preorder and find PUGs the most fun. In a guild you feel obligated to play with people you do not like. In a PUG you do one dungeon if the group stinks you find a new one. I have played with all kinds of people on Ghallanda from Ka-Tet to Face Stabbers to The Knights of Mythdranner Old Timers and love the Koreans trust me people are way cooler when its just a few guildies in a PUG compared to a party of guild members only. So SURPRISE you do not need a guild.

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    Wink Need = fun

    The only thing you ever need in this game is to have fun....

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