Now I know, somewhere out there, a person is like me on an older laptop trying to run DDO but having problems because of graphic card issues.

Most people will tell you the same old BS: "Go to and download the most recent drivers." or "upgrade your computer you luddite." or even "Your comp sucks, bury it and honor it by buying a new computer." Well maybe not the last two but you probably feel the idea of my computer sucks but i want to play!

Well couple of things i've done, but first heres my comp specs:
Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop (From '03)
Intel Pent 4 2.66 ghz
512 mb RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
40gb HDD
Windows XP SP2

You see those stats? dungtastic right? well, if i get into a instance, i never get lagged. Only when in Stormreach do i have some issues but thats on higher settings.

There are 2 ways you can search for drivers (other than looking at or
1. Look for Omega Drives for your ATI or Nvidia card, they work fine if you don't touch'em. Sometimes people might just give you a hint on which one specifically to d/l because it all depends on the files.(i did have Omega 3.4.252 before i upgraded to a 3.4.822(i think) then reloaded to a M7 driver from...)
2. Go to your Computer makers website, they will have specific drivers that will usually work just for your style of card. Mobile Cards tend to need a specific style of driver to work, while Regular cards don't. Those working with Dell, i know from experience that the M7 Download will beat the Omega Drivers flat out, unless you really want to tweak it. M7 was designed for the Mobile Card (FYI)

Thats really it, not hard just make sure you know your card's full make and model and follow the installer. Just Remember that Omega tweaks are for Advanced users, and if you must upgrade anything, upgrade with care.

No, i'm not a tech support guy for this, i'm just a ****ed off person who doesn't like to be told get a new computer or fail because i have a simple question on graphic card drivers. Read your makers website for information on drivers, (or Omega for that matter) so you know what your getting into.

Hope this helps!