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    Default Sarlona holds Gygax memorial

    I had nothing to do with organization of the event, and I'm sure better images will be forthcoming. But I was there, and strangely, it helped. Yes it was a digital memorial, inside a video game, but still, it helped. Maybe seeing it will help you too.

    There wasn't a lot of notice and there wasn't a lot of publicity but word still spread. The service began in the Temple of the Sovereign Host. Words were read from Gygax's bio and there was a (long) moment of silence. One of my guildies played "Amazing Grace" over our voice chat... it was a very good choice.

    The group formed a processional and circled the Marketplace.

    The processional made its way to Delera's Graveyard.

    Everyone said their goodbyes. Some more privately than others.

    I found it to be a fitting and appropriate way to honor this particular man. I never met him but I still think he would be pleased.

    Thanks to Octavionn for putting this together.
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