This is not a necro although the thread is old. My hope for posting again in this thread was to celebrate our old Market on the anniversary of its destruction. I was going to bump this when chrono opened up and the coolest event in game history was re-shown at the end of the raid. I decided then not to bump it, but as we are near the 3rd anniversary of the single greatest moment in my DDO tenure I thought it might be appropriate now.

My hope is for those who were not around for the first big bang that they might see a bit of the fun we had. The collectible cards which were the fan favorites have been lost to time and the blog posting of the created works as well. Those cards where a great loss, but as I reread this thread and some of the names who no longer play.....I can not help but feel some emotion. So I lift my mug of ale and toast to all those who have made this game fun for me past and present. I offer a toast in memory of our old market and in memory of those heroes who have moved on. CHEERS!