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    Default Blue Badger Bard (A build by request)

    This build is from Sigtrent's build request thread

    Build Name:The Badger Bard
    Author: Sigfried Trent
    Requester: BlueBadger
    Last Updated: 05/27/10

    Key Words [Bard, Warchanter, TWF, Open Lock, Evasion, Haggle, Balanced]

    The requester wanted a haggle character that was good at TWF melee, ranged combat, casting, survivable... "good at everything." Clearly that means you will not be best at much of anything but I think its a good call to try and make a true jack of all trades kind of bard.

    At the core I needed to make sure Haggle was high, if not utterly maxed out. After that I focused on combat skills, backed up by solid buffing and healing. Control casting should work well at low and mid levels but will peter out as the build levels. Between multi classing and not maxing charisma, casing CC is really a specialists game. Still, spells like dancing ball stick around long enough that a 5% chance of landing is still helpfull against a crowd of mobs and irresistible is great barring SR. Of course fascinate is great CC against anything not outright immune so I think you can say its at least decent at crowd control.

    Anyhow, I went with 2 fighter for the feats which you need if you go for combat and casting, and rogue 2 gives you evasion and the ability to work in more skills for that well rounded feeling. Warchanter is a natural fit and was part of the request. All around the build does decent work, buffing, fighting, healing. Its a bit gear dependent to keep them all up. Healing needs good meta items for it to hit hard enough to matter, good weapons go a long way to making solid DPS, you really want some SP and HP items, and nearly every stat is useful to have boosted (except wisdom and int). Repeating crossbow gives you a ranged option. Not a ton of DPS but they are great when solo for kiting around shooting things and bards make better use of them than most classes can. Great for killing perching mobs and the like.


    Nothing too special here. It's a versatile character that you can play in different ways as the situation demands. Its not a tank so watch your agro. You don't throw DPS like a maximized DPS build, but then average players tend not to have maximized DPS builds.

    You could drop the ranged weapons feats for empower healing and heighten to make a bit more of a caster. You could also move level ups to charisma and take heighten and spell pen for a better CC focus.
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    Default repeat bard

    Hey, I have a build im working on simular to this, and need some advice. My bard is a 28pt drow. Lvl 9 right now I started with the icy build minus 4 points. I have currently twf, extend,EX- heavy repeater (have a heavy W/P repeater),rapid reload. I started with 10 con and have not put a tome in yet, but will at lvl 10. Starting stats were STR 14 DEX 14 CON 10 INT 10 WIS 8 CHA 16 (I think cant check right now.) I like the build though CC on elite is a little hard via spells but songs work excellent. I can buff well and heal from wands when needed. What I want to know is how do I turn this into a Warchanter, I dont mind taking 2 lvls of fighter (I am still pure bard) but not sure when to take the lvls of fighter. Not sure if taking a lvl of fighter at 10 removes my ability to take my spells for that lvl. Another prob I have is somewhere along the way I did not keep my perform maxed, so at lvl 9 I only have a 10 rank Perform so I cannot yet use my Inspire Greatness. If I take fighter at 10 will I be able to up my Perform 2 more ranks. My UMD has always been kept maxed along with my Diplomacy and Haggle, Concentrate is near maxed as well as jump. What should I do from here.

    1.Should I drop extend go for WF pierce (or ranged) not sure which one effects repeaters most.
    2.Should I park this guy bank the W/P repeater and wait for 32 build.

    My problem is im lvl 9 with 92 hp unbuffed. Im really squishy even with blur/displacement.
    My will save is really bad, should maybe I use one lvl of fighter to take Force of Personality.
    I cannot seem to take IC pierce or ranged as my BAB is still 6, IC seems to require 8.
    What should I do to make this a viable Warchanter from 9-16. Im not worried about the loss of the last Bard spells as before I get to 16 im sure the cap will be 18.

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    looks good to me and i think I might try it out, but I have a question.

    You take many two weapon fighting feats, but list a shield in your ac. Does TWF apply to shields or is it a switch if you need AC kind of thing? Also, any further tips on how to play him. I bet he is hardcore in the right hands (I just hope I am up to it).


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    Default For AC only

    Quote Originally Posted by Tashier View Post
    looks good to me and i think I might try it out, but I have a question.

    You take many two weapon fighting feats, but list a shield in your ac. Does TWF apply to shields or is it a switch if you need AC kind of thing? Also, any further tips on how to play him. I bet he is hardcore in the right hands (I just hope I am up to it).

    Nope TWF and shield is different. Using a shield would only be done when Max AC is needed...otherwise stay TWF hasted and displaced and swing away

    Another option would be to UMD a shield wand and stay TWF and lose only 2 AC overall.

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    Nice build, as usual, but... I just have a lot of issues with bard builds that can't do Inspire Heroics in the current endgame. Is there any way to cut that second Ftr level so this build can get IH?


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    How much would this build be sacrificing by making it a halfling? Basically, I'm trying to remake a PnP character, so I'd like for it to be the same race. I got the starting abilities identical to the Humans. The only big thing I'd really be losing is a feat right?

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    For a character that will be primarily melee, I think the HP are far too low. On my Warchanter, even at around 300 HP, my bar dropped much faster than I liked, despite my self-buffs. I didn't feel that confident in his survival ability until I got above 350, and higher is better. I'm not sure what you included in your total HP, but my estimate is 254(20 + 96 + 80 + 18 + 30 + 10) with standard equipment(ML, GFL) and GH favor. If you could fit Toughness into the feat list, that would add another 48 HP with enhancements, bringing you up to 302. It still isn't great, but I think it would be a significant improvement in the character. With a +3 Con tome and a Shroud HP item, you would be sitting at 363, a very good number for a bard. I'm not sure what feat you would drop to make room for it, but you could pick it up again at level 18.
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