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    Default DDO Game Guide V3.6.0

    DDO Game Guide V3.6.0 Includes

    Greensteel Crafting
    ToD Ring Crafting
    Epic Crafting
    Cannith Crafting
    Alchemical Crafting
    Collecitble Crafting
    Dragon Touched Armor Crafting
    Lordsmarch Crafting
    Ingredient Tracking (GreenSteel, ToD Boots, Epic)
    Raid Timer (Auto Updates via my.ddo if you want it to)
    Item Tracker
    DDO Wiki
    Loot List
    Raid Walkthroughs
    Quest Walkthroughs
    Puzzle Solvers
    Outdoor Area Maps

    Current Version 3.6.0 - Released 10/12/2011 - Main - Mirror 1

    Compatible OS:
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista SP1 & Later
    Windows 7

    1. .NET 2.0
    2. Flash Player if you want to use the Reaver Puzzle Practice. Install the plugin with Internet Explorer, as that is what the Game Guide uses in the back end.
    3. If the puzzles don't work for you, ActiveX/Java scripts need to be allowed on local files like so:

    • To enable ActiveX/Java etc. scripts to auto run on your local files only, open up internet explorer (even if its not your default browser):
    • Goto - Tools \ Internet Options \ Advanced, scroll down to the check box labeled "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" and check/tick it
    • Close/Restart IE

    Created On:
    Windows 7 Ultimate Ed. Platform
    W/Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008
    (Registry is not touched)

    Development happens on my free time.

    Hope you like it.

    Compendium Listing

    Of Special Note:

    This is a pretty large update to the game guide. Raid timers can now be set to auto update via my.ddo. More crafting added. Epics updated. Loot List Updated, etc..


    As you all know this happens on my free time. If you like what you see, and are getting some enjoyment/good usage out of the game guide, I've added a donations link which you can use to do just that. This is by no means a requirement, but would be a nice gesture. The company shows as SecretSide, and the transaction shows as DDO Game Guide Donations. Thanks everyone for the support!

    ****Disclaimer**** If you are downloading this software from anywhere else but the links I provide, I hold no responsibility for what it contains
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