Ok so check this out! Im building a ranger barb fighter combo toon an i allready have 2 lvls of ranger on him. Did i mention he was warforged!!
Nope? well he is. anyways i gave him 16 str, 17 dex, 14 con, 8 int, 11 wis, 6 cha cause hes so ugly. forget about umd as no points are put into him an none will go. i was thinking of going 8 ranger, 5 fighter rest barb. gonna use ostwf feat as soon as i can. how should i progress his leveling, was thinking ftr next for ostwf an another feat probably dodge. He is true neutral.

Any advice will be taken into consideration.

Primary purpuse will be for quick damage raging boss killer.
Also undecided on weapon set, bastard sword, kopesh, dwarven axe got lot of those or just use whats in martial list

Sweet dreams fleshies