So my wizard hit level 15. I head to the nearest trainer, in this case House P. I get to the spell selection screen and am only able to take 1(ONE) level 8 spell. Ok, not knowing any better at the time, I take Polar Ray and finish my levelling. Later, after talking to some friends and guildies they all tell me that they were granted 2(TWO) level 8 spells. So I put in a ticket and about 90 minutes later I finally get a reply from a GM. After being asked to wait for another 20 minutes I am told to inscribe the scroll. This is NOT what my ticket said. After "discussing" this for several minutes I was told to file an ingame bug report because my situation is not on the "Known Issues" list. So, I filed an ingame bug report.

A friend of mine asked me if I was allowed to take spells for other levels in addition to the level 8 spells. Yes, but I was allowed to pick ONE spell total from ALL Levels. Being that I should be able to buy the new lower level spell scrolls I took a level 8 spell; Polar Ray.

All I want is my 2nd level 8 spell like every other wizard in the game was granted upon levelling to level 15. I know there is a GM/Dev out there that can fix this. I welcome any GM/Dev to inspect my wizard, Throckmorton, and see that I only have ONE level 8 spell.