Basically, I'm converting over to a PD guild, and plan on running solely WF characters. What I'm looking for a good build of various classes. Non-twinked, as in I'm not expecting to see a use of tomes or high end items (aside from static end stuff, or perhaps raid loot if lucky.), as in my PD guild your only allowed to pass one item down, and only 28 point build, I'm keeping one non-PD guy to do favor stuff, but I dont grind favor with him, though I could. I just want some good builds that work just as well between 28 point and 32 points so that i can change them when I finally unlock the favor. I'm interested in many different classes, though I prefer to keep them pure, unless theres a good reason aside from "wand use", for example, a WF Pally taking a level of Wizard for the metamagic feat would be something rather than taking sorc, since basically all im getting out of the sorc is wand use.