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    Unhappy account upgrade need some info.

    Ok so i buy the digital ddo version but im at my buds house while im paying for it and such so i start the download and
    then i figure if i download it on his computer it wont allow me to do it on mine so i stop it and i come home and go to my email to download it
    and it says download attempts exceded ect... ok so im thinking i screwed up and well then i get to thinking i might as well upgrade my account
    while im figuring this out so i login and use the key they gave me in my email and it says its already in use so i check my account
    and it says trial version 8 days left or somthing and now im getting kind of paranoid that i screwed myself by not doin something
    or did something at the wrong time so can anyone tell me if when i bought the digital version and all if it upgraded my account and the 30 days
    wil begin after the trial is up?......srry i type alooot but im not very good in summing things up into a small paragraph.

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    Default confusing

    i'm not sure i follow what problem you are having.

    first check your account at log in. does it say you are still on trial account? (i suspect it does.) to upgrade to your subscription/paid account, you need to enter the product key. this is NOT the code sent with your trial email (that is the TRIAL product key and why it says it is still in use). when you purchased the digital download there should be a serial number listed on your receipt/confirmation page. enter that and your account should change from trial to paid account. the 30 days will begin starting with when you enter the product key. it will not tack on to the end of your trial, so if you want the extra 8 days, wait to enter the product code.

    as for playing at your friend's house, not sure the problem. if he has the game on his computer, anyone with an account can log into it. if he doesn't have it installed, he will need to either download the trial or will need to buy the digital download.
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    Here is the link for downloading the game on your computer at home.

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